What's On

For more information about our events, please see our term-card. Apart from purely career-related meetings and discussions, we also have plenty of socials, and we strive to organise dinners with all our guest speakers open for attendance by the members of our society.

Term Card (Michaelmas Term 2020)

Image may contain: text that says "OXFORD UNIVERSITY BAR SOCIETY OIWIORD UNIVEISIT Michaelmas Termcard 2020 BAR SOCIETY WEEK2 TUESDAY 12 NOVEMBER THURSDAY 22 OCTOBER ICCA: CV Presentation and Workshop An Evening with Garden Court Chambers WEEK6 WEEK THURSDAY 19 NOVEMBER Talk from Amanda Weston TUESDAY 27 OCTOBER XXIV Old Buildings: Mooting Workshop SATURDAY 21 NOVEMBER Non Law Moot WEEK4 WEEK THURSDAY NOVEMBER ICCA: Advocacy Presentation and Workshop THURSDAY 26 NOVEMBER An Evening with Buildings Verulam WEEKS WEEK TUESDAY 10 NOVEMBER THURSDAY An Evening with Blackstone Chambers DECEMBER An Evening with 7King's Bench Walk SPOWS"

‘Virtual’ Events.

While restrictions are in force due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have interviewed guests via zoom and recorded them for you to listen to.

The first of these events was recorded in June 2020. It featured Karl Anderson and Nick Wright, barristers at 4 Stone Buildings.

The second such event featured Philip Marshal QC, head of chambers at 1 King’s Bench Walk and the former chairman of the Family Law Bar Association. The Secretary spoke to him about his work on family cases such as White v White and Owens v Owens, family law reform, the Bar during COVID-19 and its future, and advice for aspiring barristers.

External Events