Recent Moots

Environmental Law Moot 2021

On 19 June 2021, 16 students participated in the inaugural Oxford University Bar Society Environmental Law Moot, held in collaboration with Oxford Climate Society.

The moot centred around a fictional College – ‘St Francis’ College’ – seeking legal advice about divesting from environmentally unfriendly assets in their pension fund. The moot problem contained relevant extracts of the governing pension trust, allowing students to engage in textual analysis as well as the general legal issues at play.

The situation was topically relevant to Oxford students as it reflected the problems facing many colleges and their own respective pension trusts.

To ensure a welcoming transition for those non-law students competing, the judges (Oxford undergraduate law students) gave only feedback and did not select winners. However, they were impressed by the complex legal arguments and creativity on a legal topic that most mooters had never previously engaged with.

Keating Chambers International Arbitration Moot 2021

The inaugural Oxford University Bar Society International Arbitration Moot was held in partnership with Keating Chambers in Trinity 2021. Over 35 students prepared written submissions, with the top 16 selected to compete in the three oral rounds. The oral rounds took place from 22 May-12 June 2021 and were judged by members of Keating Chambers.

The first two oral rounds were based on an issue of jurisdiction, arising from an alleged non-payment of a contract for the design and construction of an Olympic stadium between a Russian company and a Japanese company. Mooters worked through a 23-page bundle, containing contractual provisions, supplemental agreements, and a request and reply for arbitration to the International Court of Arbitration. The first two rounds were judged by Krista Lee QC and Justin Mort QC of Keating Chambers.

The final round problem concerned a contract for the interior decoration of the fictional “Burj Keating”, the tallest building in the world, where there had been significant delays and poor performance. Mooters made submissions on compliance with the contractual arbitration agreement and the independence and impartiality of the arbitrator. The final round was judged by Jennie Wild and Tom Coulson of Keating Chambers.