Mooting experience looks great on the C.V. of any prospective lawyer, but for a prospective barrister it is virtually a necessity. Oxford Bar Society recognizes the importance of upholding the tradition of mooting and is committed to organizing mooting workshops  freely available to all Oxford students. Many of these workshops are run for us by our sponsor, BPP Law School, and are open to everyone and anyone, regardless of degree and level of experience. Even if you have never tried mooting before – in fact,  particularly if you have not – do come around and see whether it might be your cup of tea and whether, perhaps, you could learn a couple of valuable new skills.

Advocate of the Year Competition

Oxford Bar Society also annually picks a team of four students to represent the University of Oxford at the Advocate of the Year Competition organized by BPP. This competition challenges its participants by going beyond the traditional scheme of mooting and demanding demonstration of skills of both academic and professional character (eg. the ability to question a witness).  Participants are chosen based on their academic achievements and relevant extracurricular accomplishments.

Get involved!

For more information about dates of the workshops and mooting competitions, please follow our Facebook page, as we will publicise them in advance.