Mooting and Mock Trials

Mooting and mock trial experiences look great on the C.V. of any prospective lawyer, but for a prospective barrister it is virtually a necessity. Oxford University Bar Society recognises the importance of upholding the tradition of mooting and is committed to organising free mooting opportunities to all Oxford students. Our moots are open to everyone and anyone, regardless of degree and level of experience. Even if you have never tried mooting before – in fact,  particularly if you have not – do come around and see whether it might be your cup of tea and whether, perhaps, you could learn a couple of valuable new skills.

In addition to moots, we host mooting workshops exclusively for our members. Many of these workshops are run for us by our sponsor, BPP Law School, or by the Inns of Court, so you will be learning directly from the professionals! These are a great way to practise your skills and receive tailored feedback for improvement, and will equip you with invaluable advocacy skills for all aspects of your life!

Advocate of the Year Competition

Oxford University Bar Society annually picks a team of two students to represent the University of Oxford at the Advocate of the Year Competition organised by BPP. This mock trial competition challenges its participants by going beyond the traditional scheme of mooting and demanding demonstration of skills of both academic and professional character (eg. the ability to question a witness).  Participants are chosen based on their academic achievements and relevant extracurricular accomplishments.

Mock Trial

Oxford University Bar Society runs a termly Mock Trial, in which students are provided with the unique opportunity to develop real-world legal skills and replicate the work done by barristers in a fictitious criminal trial. The Mock Trial includes the trial elements of examination-in-chief and cross-examination. In the mock trial, students will be in a pair acting for either the prosecution or the defence. One advocate will carry out an examination-in-chief with the witness for their side, while the other will cross-examine the other side’s witness. It will be purely judged upon advocacy, and does not rely upon any legal knowledge, and all students are welcome!

Non-Law Moot

Oxford University Bar Society runs a termly Non-Law Moot, in which students who are not studying law have the opportunity to try their hand at mooting! Teams of one law student and one non-law student compete in a short, informal mooting competition on a legal problem, which is primarily aimed at explaining the basics of mooting to those who have never mooted before. As such, no prior experience is required, and all newcomers to mooting/debating/public speaking are welcome!

Other Moots

In addition to the termly Non-Law Moot, Oxford University Bar Society runs one-off moots, ranging from subject-specific ones, like the recent Environmental Law Moot, to sponsored events, such as the similarly recent Keating Chambers International Arbitration Moot. These moots are a great way to explore new areas of the law, to learn about practicing at the Bar, and to improve as advocates! The participants’ level of experience varies from one moot to another, but less experienced mooters should never be put off!

Get involved!

For more information about dates of the workshops, mooting, and mock trial competitions, please sign up to our mailing list and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages, as we will publicise them in advance.