Bar Society Committee Roles

The Oxford University Bar Society is comprised of the Executive Committee, the General Committee, and a Standing Committee. We hold termly elections, so there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in running the society if you are interested!

Below is some information about the various roles, but if you have any questions please feel free to reach out the current committee via email, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Executive Committee

The President is in charge of inviting speakers, organising events, and managing the committee. Responsibilities include representing the Society at meetings and liaising with other societies for events.

The Secretary is responsible for organising and minuting committee meetings, and aiding the President with managing the committee.

The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining accounts, ensuring that Bar Soc has to money to spend on events for its members and oversees the financial running of the Society.

General Committee

Mooting Officer
The Mooting Officer coordinates the termly Non-Law Moot; they ensure that the event runs smoothly and successfully. They are also in charge of other Mooting opportunities that the society may offer.

Mock Trial Officer
The Mock Trial Officer coordinates the termly Mock Trial, ensuring the smooth-running of the event and organising workshops in relation to trial advocacy skills.

Publicity Officer
The Publicity Officer handles the promotion of all Society and Bar-related events through social media and email channels. Responsibilities also include doing write-ups for events and handling social events.

Sponsorship Officer (Michaelmas Term only)
The Sponsorship Officer is responsible for getting and maintaining sponsorship for the Society, whether this is through finding a long-standing sponsor or finding one-off sponsorship for events.

Editor of The Pupil
The Editor of the Pupil is responsible for calling for article pitches, reviewing and editing written pieces, and compiling the termly The Pupil magazine.

Standing Committee

Their tasks are to aid all other committee members in their roles, and to help with the promotion and facilitation of events.