About Us


Oxford Bar Society is for students of the University of Oxford who are or might be interested in pursuing a career at the Bar. We welcome law and non-law students alike, as well as both undergraduates and graduates. Our goal is to provide fellow students with insight into the career of a barrister. We host a number of high-profile speakers, predominantly barristers and judges every term. The highlights of our academic year are our trips to the Inns of Courts, and our termly mooting workshops which are organised for us by BPP, our sponsor.


BPP is a leading and renowned provider of legal education. It provides courses in the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) and BSB-approved vocational training for barristers (currently the Bar Professional Training Course; soon to be the Bar Training Course) (amongst many other courses!). It is known for its high quality teaching, excellent results and successful equipping of its students for practice at the bar. It will launch its new bar course, the BTC, in September 2020.

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